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[Fic] Button Up Your Overcoat - Ch. 1 of 10: "Down the Rabbit-Hole"

STORY TITLE: Button Up Your Overcoat (by psiten)
CHAPTER: 1 - "Down the Rabbit-Hole"
PAIRIING: Roy Mustang x Edward Elric
DISCLAIMER: The original anime Hagane no Renkinjutsushi and the movie Shambala wo Yuku Mono are based on characters by Arakawa Hiromu, with writing by Aikawa Shou. Characters, settings, and events have been adapted without authorization or approval, and I am making no profit from their use.
RATING: PG-13 (some strong language)
WARNINGS: 1) Spoilers for the end of the first anime series 2) Limited spoilers for and minor departures from canon within the Conqueror of Shamballa movie 3) Gratuitous multidimensional physics -- detailed notes (not necessary to read) available after the story for the curious.
SUMMARY: No stupid Colonel was going to get the better of him. Edward Elric was going home, all right -- and when he got there, he was going to show Mustang where he could stick it.

( It had been a perfectly ordinary day. Nothing that would have led him to expect the visitor who walked through his door at precisely 3:46 in the afternoon. )
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