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Full Metal Alchemist Fan Fic
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Welcome everyone to the Full Metal Alchemist Fan Fic community!

This is a fanfiction ONLY community. If you are looking for a discussion-oriented community, please check out fmalchemist or fm_alchemist.

The Rules
1. We ship all pairs here, slash, het, or just plain crack. If you can't accept this, then don't join or watch.

2. All ratings are accepted here, from G to NC-17.

3. All fics are to be posted behind a cut tag to not only decrease the time it takes to load a page, but also to help make this community work/kid safe.

3a. All fics must be posted with the following information:
Author's name, as well as email if so inclined

3b. Pairings are optional. Ratings are not. Not everyone enjoys NC-17, and not everyone is old enough to read it. If you are having trouble deciding what to rate a fic, then please rate conservatively and use the next highest rating: i.e. a fic you think is somewhere between PG-13/R, rate it R. If you think there's even a remote chance it's NC-17 you MUST label it as such. Got it?

3c. At a minimum, all fic should be run through a spell and grammar check. Better still, please run your fic by a beta. No one will jump down your throat for a few minor typos, but that doesn't mean people will have the patience to decipher your poorly typed fic either. This means that should be no netspeak, emoticons, or authors notes *within the fic itself.* If you don't know how to spell a name, or a Japanese term, look it up. Don't guess and then make a comment about it using brackets. Those kinds of things are fine in beta-drafts, not final pieces.

4. This community is for fiction ONLY. No quizzes. No advertising your RPG. No newbie "just saying hi" kind of posts. If you post, it must contain either a poem, drabble or full out fic. Although I know that people like to use this kind of community to search for betas, fics or ask canon questions, I will not allow it. The point of this community is to make it as easy to find fic as possible, and that means prohibiting non-fiction posts.

5. There will be no flaming of any kind tolerated on this community. If I see you stirring up trouble, I will delete the post/comments as necessary and ban you. This not only includes rude comments on stories, but also any kind of hate language.

6. If you have any questions about the way this community is run, or if you have problems with a member, please feel free to email me at oshunanat @ livejournal.com

6. Have fun! :-D