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[Fic] Button Up Your Overcoat - Ch. 1-10 (Complete)

STORY TITLE: Button Up Your Overcoat (by psiten)
PAIRING: Roy Mustang x Edward Elric
DISCLAIMER: The original anime Hagane no Renkinjutsushi and the movie Shambala wo Yuku Mono are based on characters by Arakawa Hiromu, with writing by Aikawa Shou. Characters, settings, and events have been adapted without authorization or approval, and I am making no profit from their use.
RATING: Chapters vary between PG-13 and R (for language, cartoon/fantasy violence, sexuality)
WARNINGS (for entire fic, individual chapters may vary): 1) Spoilers for the end of the first anime series. 2) Limited spoilers for and minor departures from canon within the Conqueror of Shamballa movie. 3) Candid, though not necessarily graphic, depictions of sex. 4) Brief speculation on the nature of time and space. 5) Quantum bullshit. 6) Actual quantum electrodynamics that are not bullshit. 7) Relativity.

SUMMARY: Ed could untie knots in the fifth and sixth dimensions -- blindfolded. He could convince the military he fell through a rabbit-hole, and he could even shut down a Drachman invasion (with a little help) -- although he can't seem to avoid dating Roy Mustang (and maybe is kind of okay with that). But here's hoping they can collar a General trying to trigger a three-way war, and that they can stop him before he destroys the world.

Due to the length of the later chapters (ie, longer than LiveJournal's posting limits), the final four installments are only available in complete form on Dreamwidth and AO3. also has a version that has been edited for content.

--> Read it on AO3

--> Read it on

--> Read it on my Journal:

1: "Down the Rabbit-Hole" [DW][LJ]
2: "Home Again" [DW] [LJ]
3: "How the Leopard Got His Spots" [DW] [LJ]
4: "The Gathering of the Nations" [DW] [LJ]
5: "Going Aboard" [DW] [LJ]
6: "How a Gardener May Get Rid of the Dormice"</a> [DW] [LJ]
7: "The Innumerable Troubles" [DW only]
8: "The Substance of Things Hoped For" [DW only]
9: "Two Temptations" [DW Only]
10: "A Knock at the Door" [DW Only]

My eternal thanks to sumeria and pandoraculpa for the advice and edits they've offered over the course of this project. I can't believe it's actually done, and this is it. This story never would have happened without you guys.
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